10 Real Photos of Shadow People that Will Convince Even the Biggest Skeptic


Have you ever believed that you saw something in the corner of your eye that appeared to be the shadow of a figure only to find that no one else was there? Has there been a time where you could swear that someone was standing behind you, you could feel their eyes on you, watching you, only to turn around and see that you were alone?

If you have experienced either of these situations, you may have been in the presence of a shadow being. With experiences and encounters recorded dating back to ancient times, it is hard to deny that shadow people exist, however, no one fully knows what they are at this point. Experts in the field have created theories explaining to the best of their ability while they continue to investigate the phenomenon.

These beings are believed to be conscious, intelligent entities that have the ability to move among us. A variety of different types of shadow beings have been reported ranging from evil, parasitic presences to benevolent guardians. These experiences and encounters are not just limited to one geographic area but instead are experienced world wide.

While skeptics continue to struggle with the idea that these entities exist, those who have had a supernatural encounter have worked tirelessly to document their experiences to share with others. This often comes in the form of stories and written accounts, however, in some cases witnesses have been able to capture their visitor on file.

Check out these documented cases of shadow people:

#1 – The Gentleman at the Cashtown Inn

While visiting Gettysburg, PA, Tracey Burnett, a member of the Supernatural Investigators of Virginia captured this fascinating photo of what she describes as being a soldier standing in the window of the Cashtown Inn. During the time of the Civil War, the inn had been used as a hospital, and it is now believed that it is haunted by the spirits of soldiers who were treated and lost their lives in this location.

#2 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium opened for business in 1910. The hospital was designed to accommodate 40-50 tuberculosis patients safely at a time where tuberculosis was a serious disease plaguing the nation. As the epidemic grew, the sanatorium found itself packed with more than 140 people at a time, prompting a much larger location opening in 1926, a self-contained community with its own zip code, water treatment facility, post office and more. The building has not been in operation since 1981, however, the activity is so high that it is considered to be the most haunted hospital in America. Experiences include screams throughout the halls, footsteps and even apparitions of a young boy that has been named Timmy. During a tour in 2014, a tourist took the above picture using nothing more than her cell phone.

Many believe that the activity witnessed in Waverly Hills Sanatorium can be traced back to its reputation for human experimentation and patient mistreatment, with as many as 64,000 deaths being reported on the premises while the sanatorium was in operation.

#3 – The Moundsville Prison Encounter

Open from 1866 until 1995, the Moundsville Prison in West Virginia has an incredibly dark past, littered with suicides, riots, murders, and executions. It is this colorful past that many believe has fueled the countless accounts of paranormal activity in the old prison, a location that is now open to tourists and paranormal investigators. This picture was captured by Polly Gear of the Mountaineer Paranormal Group while carrying out an investigation of the premises.

#4 – The Trentham Cottage Figure

In 2011 the Poultney family traveled to Port Arthur, Australia where they visited a local tourist attraction known as the Trentham Cottage. While they were touring the empty house, and taking pictures, they happened to capture this incredible image. When asked to review the photograph, Port Arthur’s Historic Site tour supervisor Colin Knight stated that it fits the descriptions provided by a number of other guests regarding experiences that they had while at the site. After conducting his own research into the entity, he believes that the figure is clergyman George Eastman, who passed away in 1870.

#5 – The Story of Gray Man

The Gray Man of Pawley’s Island is one of the oldest paranormal legends to come out of the United States. The legend states that a young man was caught in quicksand in the marshes of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina where he perished in the early 1800’s. The first reports of the Gray Man date back to 1822, with sightings following in 1989 before Hurricane Hugo and in 2016 before Hurricane Matthew. Legend has it that his appearance can be seen as a warning of a severe storm or hurricane in the near future.

#6 – Aboard the Queen Mary

Known as being one of the most haunted locations in the world, the Queen Mary has an incredible reputation among paranormal circles. Experts have estimated as many as 130 different spirits are currently residing on the ship, which creates a high amount of paranormal activity for tourists and paranormal investigators who visit the ocean liner. Submitted to Haunted American Tours in 2008, this photo is considered to be one of the best photos ever captured onboard.

#7 – A Visitor at Allen County Hospital

In the heart of Allen County, Ohio stands the Lima Tuberculosis Hospital, an abandoned and decrepit building that closed its doors in 1972. While police and security regularly patrol the location to discourage trespassers, a number of ghost hunters and explorers have ventured past the gates in an attempt to experience the many stories shared from this location first hand. Stories from the hospital include accounts of patients in nightgowns wandering the halls, shadowy figures darting from room to room and entities following visitors through the empty building. Risking being charged for trespassing one explorer took this picture and shared it online as tangible proof of the paranormal activity within those walls.

#8 – The Haunting of Alcatraz

A known hot spot for paranormal activity Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco Bay attracts a constant flow of tourists and paranormal investigators. Throughout the prison, there have been reports of whispering, doors opening and slamming, and various apparitions of figures. These experiences aren’t just reported by tourists, but also by the prisoners and rangers that have spent time in the facility when it was still in operation. The above photograph was taken by Glenn Shelton during his visit.

#9 – Lawler Ford Road Aka Zombie Road

Located in Glencoe, Missouri, Lawler Ford Road has earned the reputation of being the most haunted road in America. Stretching approximately 2 miles in length through a valley of forest oak and hills, there are numerous stories of paranormal experiences and urban legends associated with this particular roadway. Curious about the claims of dark figures appearing along the tree line dating back as far as the 1950’s, Tom Halstead and the Paranormal Taskforce conducted an investigation of the road in 2005. It is during said investigation that Halstead took this incredible picture.

Returning again in 2006, Halstead captured another incredible image. The road is no longer used for vehicle traffic, but instead, has been converted into a trail for cyclists and dog walkers called Rocky Hollow Trail. The trail is only open during daylight hours, with nighttime trespassing earning a $1000 fine!

#10 – The Haunting of the Crescent Hotel & Spa

Claimed by some to be the most haunted hotel in the United States, the Crescent Hotel & Spa attracts tourists from around the world. There have been a number of photos submitted by guests, including the above photo, showing various shadows, shapes, lights, and orbs all of which have been attributed to the presence of a number of entities. Among the stories told about the spirits that haunt the hotel is that of the Irish stonemason, Micheal, who fell to his death in 1885 while building the hotel, and Norman Baker, a gentleman who is reportedly seen around the hotel in a white suit and lavender shirt.



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