18 Unsettling Photographs We Can Not Stare At For Long


Witch Bomb

What is happening in the background and why is she dressed like that?

Flexible Girl

She needs to be careful because that fence looks a little jagged.

One Girl Or Two

Where is that other reflection coming from?

Broken Neck

I’m sure she was just leaning her head back, but this is still creepy.

Animal Pyramid

Animals can be cheerleaders too.

Creepy Nun

Something about the nun’s eyes is just haunting.

Hazing Ritual

No idea what’s going on here, but it doesn’t look good for anyone.

The Gathering

So many religious men with creepy eyes.

Creepy Dude

What is with the guy in the background??

Devious Child

That kid looks like he has a deep, dark secret.

 Worst Santa Ever

This would never fly nowadays.

Sweet Dreams

I have a feeling this child as in therapy for years after this.

One Big Happy Family

That poor child looks terrified.

Pogo the Clown

That clown looks eerily similar to John Wayne Gacy.


You might want to turn around.

Someone Is Watching You

This looks like a scene taken from The Strangers.

Maybe Not the Best Place For a Photo Op

That seal definitely has rabies.

Clown Head

Where could this possibly have come from?


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