6 Real Life Examples Why Grades Mean Nothing In Life


How many times have your parents scolded you for bringing home bad grades? Probably you cannot count all of those times on your fingers.

Picture: Back in high school, I was struggling with C’s and D’s. At times I even failed some classes and had to repeat them during the summer. It’s been seven years. Yesterday, I employed a few of my classmates…

And even though when you were young, you knew how to reply to your parents that grades did not matter anything to you, and as a result you received educational lessons and lectures, obviously, you had the right.

These six real-life stories will convince you that A’s really don’t matter much in life:

1. I was never excellent at school—that is I was far from excellent. But, now I work for Google and nobody’s interested in what grades I had. I think I was one of the top three most troublesome kids in the entire school, and in the end I had to change school. The other two ‘bad’ kids are also doing well in life nowadays. One of them, the one with whom I stayed in touch long after I finished elementary school, and together with whom I was often kicked out class, is now a world famous football player and makes millions.

2. The biggest ‘underachiever in my class became a sailor. Last year, he was in Latin America twice, he has travelled half the world at least, and recently his first baby was born. Always remember – grades don’t matter anything.

3. The biggest underachiever in my class is a neurosurgeon today. He was constantly doing ill-mannered things at school and had poor grades. He was a big fan of heavy metal music. However, when he was in 9th grade, he was helping his mother who worked as an editor for a magazine. After he finished school, he entered a medical college, and then he also finished a medical academy. He graduated, and now he’s a respected doctor. He still listens to heavy metal and nurtures his passion – he plays in a band.

4. I’ve founded my own firm, now that I’m a grown-up man. But, as a child I changed schools several times because I was problematic. I repeatedly had poor grades like C’s and D’s. Near the end of my schooling, I even started not to show up for certain classes. Today, all my classmates have mediocre jobs: managers, drivers, sales people. Not one of them stood out from the rest. Strange, because they all had A’s, right?

5. My uncle was an awful underachiever, especially in chemistry. His teacher couldn’t stand him and always told him that he would have to scrub floors to make a living. A few years later, my uncle found out that chemistry is a fascinating science. That was the moment when he began to change his life. He went on to graduate from university in the subject, and was later invited to hold a lecture at the university where he graduated. While my uncle was speaking, he noticed a woman who repeatedly objected and shook her head in disapproval. Soon he realized who that woman was – his teacher, who at the time told him that he would clean floors to survive.

6. Until I finished high school, I was constantly struggling with C’s and D’s. Sometimes I even had to repeat some of the classes. It’s been seven years. Yesterday, I employed several of my former classmates. They always had A’s and compliments for their tests.



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