Creepy Clown Sighting In The US Are Happening Again


They’re coming back, warns police in Pennsylvania.

Last year, creepy clown sightings began to dominate the news as local people, especially children in regions of Pennsylvania, began reporting spotting bizarrely dressed individuals loitering around the streets and behaving in a way that many people perceived as being deeply sinister.


It did not take long for the trend to spread to various other areas in the United States where more reports of creepy clown sightings came in almost every day for a brief period. However, after a while, the frightening reports petered out, and it seemed as though the clown phenomenon had come to an end. However, the State Police in Pennsylvania now believes that it could all happen again.

In an unprecedented move, the Pennsylvania State Police have issued a bulletin to the general public warning them that the clown menace may well be due a renaissance in the coming months after a spate of no less than sixteen clown related incidents across the state during the height of the phenomenon last year. They believe that the clown sightings could well start again in earnest at the beginning of September to coincide with the release of ‘IT,’ a film based on a creepy clown story written by the renowned horror writer Stephen King. The public has been encouraged to stay vigilant if they happen to encounter any clowns in the course of the next few months.

This is a marked contrast to the attitude of the authorities when it comes to clown sightings. At the height of the phenomenon in 2016, many officials all over the United States were quick to downplay the incidents, often claiming that they were the figment of children’s imaginations.

But while this change in attitude will be celebrated by those who find themselves dismissed after the terrifying sightings, there is one group of people who have met this message with absolute dismay – professional clowns. The creepy clown phenomenon of 2016 hit the professional clown community hard as they claimed that it made people frightened of them. They claim that this has cost them financially as fewer and fewer people are prepared to book them for children’s parties and other such events. They also believe that the newest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel will also lead to an even greater backlash against them.

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