Newly Wed Husband Waited YEARS To Get Intimate With His Bride. Hours After Saying “I Do” He Learns She’s Carrying Another Man’s Baby!


Here is a story of a man who remained celibate for his soon-to-be-wife, only to find out after they got married that she was four months pregnant with another man’s child. This is how his story went down.

He talks about how they exchanged vows at the colorful wedding that he spent a lot of money on. Even here, before the doctor visits and routine check-ups, he seemed to have his suspicions about her being pregnant.

Although he had his concerns, he married her anyway and stayed faithful to her. Then came the recent family doctor visits.

The doctor told him that she was already four months pregnant. As he knows that they did not engage in intercourse before tying the knot he knew that she had cheated on him.

Heartbroken and distraught, this man was truly at a loss. He was cheated into marriage and contemplated opting out even after all he sacrificed before the wedding and for the wedding itself.

Although this man wanted to stay true to her and care for her, how could he after she had done such a thing? Now there is no trust in the relationship, now there is nothing, but resentment and disdain towards his wife.

He says “I deeply cared for her, I doubt whether I can forgive her as it shows that there is absolutely no trust in our relationship”. When there is no trust, there cannot be happiness or harmony because either partner will always be looking over their shoulder.

Is it really necessary or worth it to wait until marriage? So much compatibility issues can come from the bedroom, but even worse is the lying and the cheating that isn’t discovered right away.

First of all, this man may have been trying his best to be loyal, but it blinded him from the fact that he was suspicious about her current state. He should have dug a little deeper before tying the knot, but now he is stuck in this and has no easy way out of it.

The question still remains, what caused the woman to do this in the first place? Why was she unfaithful to her fiancee?

Was she against celibacy, but wanted to pretend to be okay with it to keep this man around? Many questions are still floating around and all three of them have some explaining to do!


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