Rescuers Believe Missing 4 Year Old Is Dead, When They Find Herm She Is Being Protected By A Dog


Dogs and humans go together well, it has been the case ever since they we

Karina Chikitova is only four years old

She was walking in the Siberian forest with her dog Kyrachaan and she got lost. Very lost. Eventually, a search party pulled out all stops to find her.

They even broke out a drone

The dog, in the meantime, was fending off wolves, bears, and providing heat for the stranded four-year-old who was frightened out of her mind.

Freshwater and berries kept Karina alive

Rescuers were about to give up after a week, when Kyrachaan showed up and led them to where the girl was stranded. They began searching again.

When they found Karina about four miles from her village, she was very weak and even more frightened

Though she had only mild scratches and bug bites, she was incredulously asking her dog why he left her when he showed up again with the search party. Clearly, the experience affected her mentally and physically.

Her story has become famous on the internet and in her country

Yakutsk Airport even created a statue that honors Karina and Kyrachaan’s unbelievably close relationship, which ultimately saved Karina’s life.

Girl spent 11 days in taiga

Here is the video of the complete story….How Kyrachaan protected Karina is indeed an amazing testament to the loyalty that our four-legged friends can show! Watch the video below to learn more about this incredible story.

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