Unconsciously or Not, Men Are More Attracted to Women Who Have These 6 Traits


Hip To Butt Ratio

Men LOVE women with a 7:10 hourglass ratio, as it signifies they are full blown women. Over the decades, curves have become much more mainstream.

High-Pitched Voice

Subconsciously, a higher pitched voice displays a woman’s young age and slim body, rather than a huskier tone.

Amazing Hair

Men find women with long and healthy hair to be sexier than any other style. Guess they like something to grab!

Great Smile

Smiling warms the soul, and if you can make him laugh while showing off your pearly whites then you’re doing it right!

Go Natural

When you cake on your makeup, he feels like he’s dating a real-life clown. Going natural and showing your confidence is the most attractive thing you can do. It’s ok to show your true self!

Wearing Red

Red is the color of passion, and both women and men are more attracted to people who wear it!


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