What We Can Achieve If We Can Use Our Brain At 100% Full Capacity


You might have heard that we don’t really use our brain to its full capacity.
In fact, it is a widespread myth that we only use less than 10% of our brain and there remains an incredible amount of potential that we are yet to tap into.

Well, let me reassure you that this is, as I have stated above, nothing more than a stupid myth, which may or may not have originated because a desperate parent or mentor was trying to get their prodigy to start working hard.

What we can achieve if we know that our brain is at 100% full capacity

When it comes to mapping the potential of our brain, there really is no way of knowing what amount of brilliance it is capable of. And as far as not reaching your true potential is concerned, then please let it be clear in your head that there is no such thing as a barrier which is stopping you from doing more.

If you feel that your laziness and procrastination is because of a mental barrier, which once removed you’d quickly be filling up the gap between what you wish to do and what you end up doing- you are delusional.

Even the people who you aspire to be entrepreneurs, world leaders, famous athletes, every single one of them feel that they can do more and achieve more. This is the reality behind the under-use of our brain. It is more a matter of us thinking it is so, rather than actually something stopping us.

That was about reaching our potential. As far as using our brain is concerned, we do use 100% of our brain.

In fact, of all the energy generated by metabolism in our body, somewhere between 20 to 30 percent of it is used up by our brain activities. However it is also true that we don’t use the entire 100% of our brain all the time.

That would be like putting an extremely high maintenance sports car at full throttle, all the time, at the same time bearing down on the breaks with all your might. Let me simplify it for you. Our brain uses different parts for different cognitive functions.

That is different parts of our brain are responsible for movement, for breathing, for eating, for reading and so on. Now if we were to use the 100% of our brain potential all the time, it would mean that we would be doing all these activities all at once.

I don’t know about potential, but I am certain that performance in such a case would be nil.

Having said that, the key to improving your productivity would involve working smarter as well as changing certain habits which you feel are bringing you down. Unless and until you are ready to give up habits that involve you wasting time and energy on unnecessary pursuits, you would never be able to focus on things that really matter.

As far as I see it, more than utilizing your brain, you need to utilize your time to reach your full potential.



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