Women Rushed To Hospital After Getting Bitten By A Spider On The Toilet And Needs Two Operations


Lauren Boddy was sent to the hospital and needed two different operations after she sat down on the toilet at her home and was bitten by a spider.

Lauren Boddy claims that the spider didn’t only bite her but also bit her ex-boyfriend’s testicles and her son’s hand.

Everything started when the mother of four was sitting on the toilet and she happened to look down at her leg and noticed a red bump. Next thing she knew when she woke up the next day her leg was swollen and she was in complete agony and pain.

The 24-year old was taken to the Royal Berkshire Hospital where the doctors ended up giving her antibiotics and she went home. Then two days later she had to go back to the doctor and was put on an IV drip and scheduled for much-needed surgery.

After the surgery, Lauren returned home and began her several weeks of recovery. After a short amount of days, she was laying in bed recovering and cuddling with one of her children when she felt a little pain on her back.

She rushed to the hospital and discovered it was yet another spider bite and she had to have an operation yet again.

This time after returning home she decided to go on a mission and find this pesky little spider. She tore the entire house apart looking for it and finally found it and trapped it under a glass. She strongly believes it to be a Woodlouse Spider, which can give a very nasty, painful bite however it is not a venomous spider.

Lauren states that she now has a fear of spiders, which we can completely understand the new found fear.

She told Metro:

They never used to bother me in the past but I am terrified now. Even if my children see one I have kill it.

When it was trapped, it kept on attacking the glass. It was quite aggressive.


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